Mobile Video & Navigation Systems

Occupy your restless children during long car trips with our mobile video packages 
or add our premium navigation systems so you never get lost again.

Navigation Systems

You’ll never have to worry about arriving at a new destination again when you have the trusty guidance of a car GPS on your side.
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Headrest Video Monitors

Our experts are fully prepared to outfit your car, truck, or van with whatever car audio/video setup best matches your needs.
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Roof Mounted Video Screens

Our array of car roof mounted video screens ensures that there is a mobile entertainment system for all everyone in your vehicle.
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Not everyone is blessed with a good sense of direction. All it takes is one missed turn or one misunderstood street name to send you off into a strange neighborhood or out into the boondocks, far from your destination. Getting lost means being late to your appointments, wasting gas, and worst of all—distress over not having any idea where you are and where you are headed. 

If you find yourself getting lost on the road with relative frequency or simply hate having to depend on torn road maps and vague Internet directions to get where you need to go, you are the perfect candidate for a mobile navigation system. Put an end to backtracking and stopping at gas stations to ask for directions—contact Sound Decisions today to learn more about in-dash navigation systems. You’ll never have to worry about arriving at a new destination again when you have the trusty guidance of a car GPS on your side. 

Take the stress out of travel: Invest in a car navigation system now!

Headrest Monitor Systems

Are you interested in occupying your restless children during long car trips? Looking for a way to break the monotony of your killer commute? If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s time to consider a cutting-edge mobile video player. At Sound Decisions, LLC, we have a whole line of car video options to fulfill your mobile entertainment needs. 

Our universal headrest monitor systems will keep your backseat passengers occupied and entertained, as they enjoy all their favorite movies and shows on beautiful widescreen displays. Its built-in FM transmitter beams the sound to your vehicle’s radio, or you can enjoy peace and quiet up front as your passengers listen through optional wired or wireless headphones. 

Our headrest systems offer several color options to match your vehicles interior & provide a beautiful OEM factory look. Contact us for more details.

Overhead Monitor Systems

Our array of car audio/video products ensures that there is a mobile entertainment system for all vehicles, budgets, and lifestyles. In addition, we work incredibly hard to make certain that all of your specific mobile video installation requests are fulfilled. Our overhead systems are available in many sizes & colors so we can choose the best fit & finish for your vehicle. 

If one of your frequent passengers is a video game fanatic, you can even select a car video player with auxiliary plug-ins that allow for video gaming as well as iPod connectivity. Headphone options are also available for when you want to put on a movie without disturbing fellow passengers or distracting the driver. 

Depending on your current video setup in your vehicle, we are able in many situations to integrate into your aftermarket radio or factory system to provide a seamless operation & functionality into your vehicle. contact the experts today for more details.

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We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our labor & a few select products to ensure the best experience for many years down the road.


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