Vehicle Safety & Collision Avoidance Systems

Keep your family & loved ones safe with our integrated safety solutions.

Front/Rear Camera

Prevent blind spots when parking or towing cargo by installing a camera system.
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Front/Rear Parking Sensors

New technology allows the addition of remote starter & security systems to nearly any car.
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Collision Avoidance Systems

When buying a remote start or security system there are several factors you should consider.
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Front/Rear Camera

Rear-view cameras will be mandatory in all new vehicles beginning in 2018, but for now, the majority of vehicles on the road don’t have them. Purchasing an aftermarket backup camera will make reversing less stressful, and it may even help you avoid a tragedy. Drivers don’t have to wait until 2018, though, to get a car with a camera that shows them what’s behind their back bumper. 

In one recent study, close to 57 percent of drivers in vehicles equipped with back-up cameras avoided backing over a stationary object that had been placed behind the vehicle when they weren’t looking. 

Rear-view cameras often also let you see low areas you can’t with your mirror, which is especially significant if there are young children in your yard or driveway. 

On some vehicles we will integrate into the factory LCD screen for a seamless OEM integration. If your vehicle is not equipped with a screen, we have several options including a rear view mirror with a built-in monitor. Contact us for details.

Front/Rear Parking Sensors

Parking sensors make reversing into tricky spaces easier and help prevent minor damage to your car. If you drive a lot in towns and cities you’ll often find yourself having to manoeuvre your car into some tight parking spots. The result can often be minor damage. Our parking sensors make your job easier by warning when you’re getting too close to something, preventing small knocks and scratches. 

It uses the principle of the echo sounder to detect obstacles and their distance from your car. If it senses you are too close it starts to sound an intermittent warning tone which gets faster the nearer you are. Get so close that a collision is imminent and the warning signal becomes continuous. 

The system has up to six ultrasonic sensors located in the rear – and sometimes the front – bumpers. They are compact, and can be custom painted to match the vehicle so they blend in well and are barely visible.

Collision Avoidance Systems

Traditionally, automobile manufacturers have seen vehicle safety from a post-collision perspective. They’ve equipped their models with vital solutions that have no doubt saved countless lives. But collision avoidance is the new frontier in vehicle safety, empowering drivers with intelligent tools for preventing collisions from happening. 

If drivers can successfully avoid collisions, then the seatbelts and airbags we’ve come to rely on become secondary prevention measures. No question, they remain essential equipment, but there’s just no substitute for a safety tool that helps you avoid the accident. That’s the beauty of Mobileye collision avoidance technology. 

By seeing and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road, even lane markings and traffic signs, the Mobileye system literally “thinks ahead” and warns drivers of potential hazards before they have a chance to occur. Forward collisions, exceeding the speed limit, lane veering, headway monitoring and more — audio and visual alerts warn drivers and provide them with ample time to react. 

Mobileye’s artificial vision-based collision avoidance system assists both seasoned drivers and new drivers to keep an “extra eye” on the road, which is why millions of drivers worldwide utilize our life-saving technology. That’s the kind of solution that saves lives.

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