Marine Audio & Electronics

The isolation from the world, the beautiful landscape, and the sound of the lapping
waves against the hull are great for clearing your mind.

Audio Upgrade

Specially designed to endure even the toughest gusts and splashes, with our selection of marine audio products.
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Marine Lighting

New technology allows the addition of remote starter & security systems to nearly any car.
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Marine Audio

Theres nothing quite like casting off from your troubles and taking your boat out on the water on a beautiful summer day. The isolation from the world, the beautiful landscape, and the sound of the lapping waves against the hull are great for clearing your mind. Many people also enjoy unwinding on the water with the company of their favorite bands. 

To add a killer playlist to every boating excursion, contact the team at Sound Decisions, LLC, today. With our varied line of reliable marine electronics, you’ll be able to outfit your rig with superior sound quality and premium entertainment. As advanced as any cutting-edge car audio system, a marine audio system from Sound Decisions is ideal for boats of all kinds, from speedboats to personal watercraft. 

So whether you use your boat for serene reflection or plan on throwing a party on your yacht, the top-quality audio of our marine stereo speakers will keep the music flowingand maybe even get the fish dancing! Come check out our collection of reliable marine stereos today and see what makes Sound Decisions, LLC, the premier resource for reliable car audio video and marine electronics in Racine.

Head Units

Add the features like Bluetooth streaming, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, Pandora to your boat.


Enjoy the convenience of controlling your stereo in multiple locations around the boat.


Improve your sound quality & performance of your audio system with a marine grade amplifier.


Complete your audio system by adding a subwoofer to reproduce the lower frequencies in your music.

Interior Speakers

Improve the quality of your audio system by replacing your speakers with a high quality set of interior speakers.

Tower Speakers

Designed to reproduce sound in longer distances, the tower speakers are a perfect solution for your boat.

Marine Lighting

We offer a wide range of marine lighting in any color & for virtually any application. From in cabin to underwater lighting systems, we offer several solutions to customize your marine vessel for safety, pleasure or for that unique look to stand apart from the crowd.

Our LED lights are the perfect solution for your marine lighting. These durable LEDs run on very low power, resulting in very little battery use. The typical uses of LED lights in the marine environment are cabin lighting, night time fishing, underwater lights, safety reasons, work lights & sometimes to make yourself stand out.


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