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Remote Car Starter Systems & Installation

Remote Start

Learn About Our Systems

What is a remote car starter system?

A remote car starter system allows you to start your vehicle from your smartphone or key remote. Imagine pushing a button & watching the ice melt away on your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. How about on those hot summer days remote starting your vehicle to make it cool inside. These are the main benefits & convenience of letting Sound Decisions in Racine install the system in your vehicle. It will not void any warranty & is completely safe & reliable.Read the common questions below & be sure to give us a call today for more information.

I already have keyless entry on my vehicle, why should I add the remote starter option?

The biggest factor is that factory keyless entry systems usually have a very limited range. Our high quality solutions offer extended range so you don't have to worry if your vehicle is locked, just press the lock button and ensure it! Also, you can have additional convenience options added to your installation such as popping the trunk remotely, starting the rear window defrost or warming up your seats remotely if your vehicle has this feature. On certain makes & models, we can utilize your factory remote & add these addtiional features to reduce the amount of key fobs to carry around. It's not just about starting your vehicle!

Will installation of a remote starter and/or security package void my warranty?

No, proper installation of a remote start and/or security package will not void your warranty as long as it is installed professionally. It is actually against the law for dealers to void the warranty for this reason. It is important to note that you must have it done correctly because if the installation causes damage to the vehicle it can void the warranty. Installing a remote starter or security system is a very complicated process. Our trained professionals can install without voiding your warranty.

Drone Mobile

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of remote starting your vehicle from your smartphone without ever having to leave your home or office.

Most car remotes have limited range and do not provide confirmation when you try to remote start your car. DroneMobile solves both of these problems by providing you with unlimited range and instant start confirmation on the DroneMobile app.

Once installed onto a Compustar system, DroneMobile syncs your smartphone with your vehicle's status. If your car is ever in trouble, you will be alerted immediately on your smartphone with a detailed push notification.

PRO T11 2-Way System

Compustar's Top of the Line Remote Start. 5.5-button remote transmitter. Up to 3-miles of range with interactive 2-way LCD confirmation. IPX7 water-proof and impact-resistant casing make the toughest, most powerful remote on the market. It is also equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the PRO T11 comes with a micro-USB charger that can be plugged into any 120v wall outlet or desktop USB input.

G9 2-Way System

The 2-WAY G9 Remote Start System has been one of Compustar's most popular remote starters because it adds premium features to your vehicle, but at entry level prices.

The 2-WAY G9 remote provides simple LED and audible confirmation whenever you successfully remote start or secure your car. Equipped with 3000 feet of range, you'll almost always be within range to remote start your car.

Pro G7 1-Way System

Our Toughest 1-Way Remote Starter 4-button remote transmitter. Up to 3000-feet of range. Water and impact-resistance makes this one tough little remote that you can take anywhere. Try dropping your TV remote or your garage opener into a bucket of water for 5 minutes. We guarantee that none of them will stand up to water like the PRO G7. The PRO G7 has an internal rubber lining that keeps the inside of the remote completely dry. We had a lot of fun testing the PRO G7’s durability. We found that even after running over it with a car, the PRO G7 remained in-tact, fully ready to remote start and secure our cars.

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